BLN Edition – Skinsuit – Unisex
755.00 LEI


Gaps between your shorts and your jersey basically act like miniature sails, catching wind and pulling you backwards while you lose valuable seconds. The BLN Edition skinsuit is designed to eliminate these gaps, reducing drag and effort so you can make up valuable time and feel fresh in the finale.

To stop hems from flapping and slipping, the skinsuit features silicone bands at the legs and sleeves. The front zipper is small and low profile, to reduce drag and increase comfort.

Berlin is a meaningful place for us at 8bar.

This is where it all started – from the first idea to who we are today.
This is where many of our friends live.
This is how we name our bikes.
To us this city is both – past and future.

Berlin is vibrant. A multi-cultural capital with an awesome spirit. Us at 8bar felt like it is time for a tribute – a Berlin collection! That’s why we developed a clothing and accessories line together with Berlin based designer Léon Giogoli. Wear it and feel the vibes of Berlin!

The pattern includes the Berlin bear – the symbol of Berlin – and other elements you can often see in Berlin’s city surroundings.

With its elegant color combination it is the perfect apparel for some stylish rides during summer!

SIZE: XS - S - M - L - XL


1.Comenzile in valoare de minim 1000 de lei se pot achita si in 6 rate fara dobanda, prin credit de consum.(vezi detalii)

2.Pentru acordarea garantiei va rugam sa cititi capitolul 5 din "Termeni si Conditii"

3.Pentru alte informatii despre acest produs va rugam sa ne scrieti aici.

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